Make, Play, and Get Active with our FREE activity pack!

It’s a strange time, isn’t it? Most schools remain closed and the majority of us are now working from home, resulting in a combination of childcare, home-schooling, and work that’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The good news is that if you’re struggling to keep your little ones happy, active, and engaged, we can help.


Make, Play, Get Active is a fun and exciting way to introduce children between 3‐6 years old to sport and physical activity. Our pack has been carefully designed to keep kids under 6 active, whilst developing their physical development skills.

But that’s not all… our pack also enhances both social and emotional skills and, most importantly, keeps their little minds active. So, even if your little ones aren’t at nursery or in school, they’re always learning and having fun!

Our free interactive activity pack includes 2 Game Cards, 10 Activity Cards, 1 Colouring Book, 1 Face Mask, and 1 Puzzle – all centred around having fun with your children.

For example, our Rapid Racing Cars activity will keep your little ones busy for 5-10 minutes while they cut, colour, and craft their very own personalised racing car helmets, steering wheels, and start and finish signs. They’ll then be able to go out into the garden and create a racetrack (using the props they’ve just made) before racing against mum or dad!

And, if you choose to sign up to our free pack today you’ll be in good company as over 2000 families are already benefiting from our FREE activity pack.

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