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We’re working closely with schools and nurseries to encourage every child and every family to get active and healthy.

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As physical activity specialists, we have worked directly with teachers, home educators, parents and health programmes to create this unique sports activity course. The activities are aimed at Nursery, Reception, Year 1 children (England & Wales) and Nursery, P1 & P2 children (Northern Ireland & Scotland) and are closely linked with the school curriculum.

Make, Play, Get Active is all about bringing families together to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and developing essential skills along the way. It’s designed to get everyone up, moving and having fun together. Our short, impactful games and challenges are easily introduced into the school timetable, as well as being simple to implement at home.

We want to connect with every single child. This is why we’re working closely with schools and nurseries to ensure that our message reaches into the classrooms as well. As part of our commitment, we give 30% of our sales directly to the school to invest in physical activity and health initiatives.


1. Register your interest

Just fill in our brief online form to register your school’s interest

2. Watch a demo

We’ll organise a Skype demo of the activities and answer all your questions

3. Promote the activity pack

Inform parents about the activity pack (e.g. flyers, letters, social media) and encourage sign-ups

4. Receive 30% of sales

We’ll gather registrations and send you 30% of our sales, no quibbling

5. Enjoy the benefits

Delight in seeing your pupils and their families engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle


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What’s in the pack


Added Extras

You get so much more than a set of game, challenge and activity cards. In addition to all the course materials we offer the following support and add-ons:

  • Free explainer videos

  • Additional game ideas every week

  • Monthly competitions to win sports equipment

  • Fun hints and tips to inspire children and families

  • Expert advice from a team of specialists 

School Partnerships

We’re happy to partner with schools who want to subsidize the course for families. Use your Sports Premium funding or PE budget to purchase the pack for your pupils. We’ll give you both school and home access (on a lifetime basis), along with a 30% discount. You can then share the files with every family without the need for them to contribute to the costs.

Find out more about School Partnerships and email Jason@theactivehour.com


We’re keen to help schools and nurseries raise vital funds. Every time a parent purchases our sports activity pack, we give back 30% to the school. This can be used to support any of your health initiatives, such as purchasing new sports equipment, introducing a weekly activity class or developing mindfulness programmes.

Here’s an example…

  • 90 letters about the pack are sent out to Nursery, Reception and Year 1

  • 45 parents sign up to purchase the pack (45 x £30 = £1,350 total sales)

  • 30% of sales are given directly back to the school (30% of £1,350 = £405)

As part of our commitment to the community, we also run monthly competitions for schools and families to win free sports kit.

Our aim is to get every family rediscovering the fun of physical activity. By supporting schools and the larger community, we hope to inspire a lifelong love of an active, healthy lifestyle


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Bring the joy of physical activity back into your pupil’s lives. The Make, Play, Get Active course is designed to bring families and communities together, working as one to get children active, healthy and developing essential life skills.

So much more than an activity course, we also offer a range of add-ons including inspirational videos, exciting weekly challenges, and the chance for schools and families to win FREE sports kit.

If you’re interested in implementing the Make, Play, Get Active course at your school, register your interest today. We’ll be in touch to talk through exactly how it works, how simple it is to put in place, and how you can use the funding to really make a difference.

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